Monday, April 16, 2018

In A City Where Cars Come First, A Local Campaign Transforms City Roads

The everyday roads of India are full of energy. Congested roads are home to frustrated drivers, eager to reach their workplace or to get home after a long day. Horns honk, drivers speed when they finally break free, and tension and anger are commonplace.

In Coimbatore, a community group created a program that replaced that with the positive energy of children playing, pedestrians walking, and locals drawing, dancing and cycling. Every Sunday, two of the busiest roads in the city become car-free as the people take to the roads.

The goal of the program isn’t just to give people a healthy way to move, play, and interact, although those are all positive by-products.

It has also led to more discussions and consideration of the importance of safer roads in the fabric of a city. It’s not enough to have safe roads on Sundays when cars are banned. That safety can extend throughout the week and can benefit everyone.

With solutions like improved footpaths, better lighting, and solutions to slow cars down such as speed display signs and speed cameras, all streets can become safer for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Car-free Sundays are a great initiative to begin the road to reducing car crashes, eliminating road fatalities, and making India roads safer for all. Traffic Logix solutions can help make that a reality.

Monday, March 26, 2018

What Really Causes Crashes?

People love to discuss the top cause of accidents.  Is it distracted driving? Getting behind the wheel drunk? Speeding out of control?
Think again.
While all those behaviors cause crashes, there’s really one leading cause for all the needless injuries and deaths that happen on our roads every day.
It’s the driver behind the wheel.
Using a phone, speeding, and driving drunk all cause accidents every day, even deadly ones. But the source of all of them is the driver who made a bad decision.
Using driver feedback signs to alert drivers, refocus their attention, and remind them of posted speed limits has proven time and again to change driving behavior. And all of them target the key cause behind nearly every crash on your roads - the driver.
Find out more about how you can influence drivers to make better decisions.